Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

The Essential Resilience leadership development process combines the best multi-rater feedback assessment in the business with a principles-based coaching methodology proven to produce behavioral change.  This combination of thorough feedback and coaching is the key to developing leaders who can solve challenging business problems.

Leadership development is ultimately about changing behavior – doing more of something, less of something, starting to do something or stopping.  The only way to change behavior is to change one’s thinking.  Essential Resilience coaching helps clients develop a fundamental understanding about the role and nature of thought.  With this understanding, they have the insights required to change behavior and continue to improve performance over time.

Who Should Attend?

Business and functional leaders

Participants’ personal insights will help them to:

  • Reduce stress and pressure
  • Find work-life balance
  • Increase resilience and situational adaptability
  • Have the focus and mental clarity to set priorities and make timely decisions
  • Build genuine connections with others
  • Influence without authority
  • Create teams of motivated employees who thrive and drive business success