About Essential Resilience

If you think that you can’t handle a setback, rise to a challenge, or deal with a difficult person, then you will be thrown for a loop by life’s inevitable curveballs. But what if you discover it’s really your thinking that’s influencing the outcome, not the situation – and you learn to change your thinking?  You become resilient.

Everybody has what it takes to be resilient. Essential Resilience simply helps people at all levels of an organization increase their understanding of their innate resilience so they can call upon it in their professional and personal lives. This personal understanding improves productivity, adaptability, and reactions to change, uncertainty and other workplace challenges.

Essential Resilience provides training, seminars and coaching to help individuals tap their own reservoir of resilience. Essential Resilience teaches self-awareness, not a set of tips or techniques. We help people understand that they think and how subtle shifts in their thinking can make dramatic differences in how they work, communicate and live.