Cheryl Bond, Ed.D., SPHR

Cheryl Bond founded Essential Resilience after 20 years as an accomplished learning and organizational development professional.  Nearly a decade ago, she was introduced to Sydney Banks (1931-2009) whose teachings describe how we create the experience of life through our thinking and the limitless potential for new thought.  The resulting insights transformed her approach to training and coaching, and she saw dramatic improvements in individual and team effectiveness.  She was inspired to focus her work on helping others gain confidence in their capacity for new, more helpful thinking – their resilience.

In 2005, Cheryl completed a dissertation at Boston University that chronicled the impact that leadership training based upon Sydney Banks’ three principles had on the culture and performance of a division of BAE Systems. Stemming from this work, she developed a framework of training and development activities that helped people harness the power of thought to become more resilient.

Through Essential Resilience, Cheryl teaches individuals and teams to increase their resilience in the face of change, uncertainty and ambiguity. Her unique approach to changing behavior and improving personal performance through self-awareness delivers insights long after the training, coaching, or consulting session has ended.

“Cheryl Bond is terrific. Her matter-of-fact explanations are most helpful for all levels of professionals.”

“The most useful training I have EVER attended. I am really hopeful this will start to turn my life around.”